A valid ECSA PHRF Race Certificate OR an Off Soundings PHRF Race Certificate is REQUIRED to be eligible to race In the Off Soundings Club Spring and Fall Regattas. It must be ON FILE PRIOR  to the event.  If you have a current valid ECSA PHRF CERTIFICATE, you do NOT need to get the OSC CERTIFICATE.

If you plan to race in the ECSA PHRF region as well as the Off Soundings Club, it is recommended you sign up for an ECSA yearly certificate, allowing you to race in all events, includes ECSA and OSC regattas. Click the link ECSA-JOIN to register. Submit your ECSA PHRF certificate with your entry to OSC regattas.

If the only racing you will do in the ECSA Region is the Off Soundings Regatta, Then you may apply for the Off Soundings Club - OSC PHRF(good for three years) Certificate. The OSC Certificate is only valid for Off Soundings Regattas. The OSC PHRF Certificate mirrors the ECSA PHRF Certificate (same boat documentations required).


To submit via e-mail:

Go to the OSC Website Then to RACE DOCUMENTS then to OSC PHRF APPLICATION then:

1.  Click on OSC 2016 PHRF CERTIFICATE (excel version).

2.  Save the form as OSC-boatname.xls (Example; OSC-SNOWBIRD.xls.) to your desktop.

3..  Fill in all information make notes on any changes or alterations to the boat.

4.  If you need more information on how to fill out the form you can CLICK the link OSC 2016 PHRF REGs & DEFINITIONS from the website, print out for easy reference..

5.  When completed, save the file with the information and E-mail this file as an attachment to me at to certify. Remember to supply sail certificates from sail maker for rated new or changed used sails.


I will complete the form and e-mail a copy back to you and to our OS Race Committee Chairman.


To submit by land mail:

Print the file  OSC 2016 PHRF CERTIFICATE (pdf),   Complete that form and mail it to me - Paul von Maffei, 461 Three Corners Road, Guilford, CT 06437.


There is a $ 30.00 charge for every 3 year (12 races) Certificate. Remember, you must report any and all changes made to the boat during the three years. There is no charge for changes made to the same boat during the three years. Mail to my address above. Submit payment to Off Soundings Club c/o Paul von Maffei, 461 Three Corners Road, Guilford, CT 06437

Paul von Maffei,  

OSC PHRF Chief Handicapper