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Last Updated: April 16, 2014

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Race Dates

Spring - June 13-14

Fall - September 12-13


2014 Dues

2014 Annual Dues are due. If you haven't received your invoice, you can use the attached copy.

2014 Dues Payment Form

Please contact our treasurer if you have any questions.


Off Soundings Club Named Eastern Connecticut Sailing Association Winner of the 2013 Stu Silvestri Award for Best Race Management (posted 1/27/2014)

The Stu Silvestri trophy is awarded to the ECSA member club who shows the best race management.  Stu was a member of Thames Yacht Club and proper race management was her passion.  As the secretary of ECSA she worked to promote fair sailing in this area.  



Origins of the Club Name

Why is the club called Off Soundings when all of it's races are conducted On Soundings?

Origins of the club name


Eileen Ames Fund

In 2010, the estate of Eileen Ames donated the funds that were used to produce the 2012 OSC video, “Passion to Race”. Our goal is to keep the subject fund active and to replentish it so we can produce another video in the near future. In addition to your viewing enjoyment, these videos are an essential part of documenting the history of the Off Soundings fleet.

Youth Liason Committee (posted 1/27/2014)

Seth Olsen has been named Youth Liason, a new committee position created by the board to encourage youth participation in OSC events.





2013 Fall Series Recap

The Board of Governors wishes to extend a very hearty thank you to the Shelter Island Yacht Club, the Off Soundings Club race committee, and Henry DuPont, owner of the committee boat, Nor'Easter, for their participation in hosting an excellent fall series.

The particpants were fortunate to have perfect weather for racing and a wonderful venue in which to conduct post race activities. The Board of Governors is continually looking for ways to improve the club and it's racing program. Please feel free to post any comments to the Members Discussion forum.

Fall results are available by going to the Results/Awards tab on the main menu above.

If you have photographs of the event, please forward them to the webmaster for posting.

2013 Off Soundings Photographs - Compliments of Clay Burkhalter


Visually experience racing in the 2012 Off Soundings series by watching this thirty minute video, 'Passion to Race'.

In the fall of 2009, the race from New London to Greenport on Friday was abandoned due to a powerful front that had developed that morning. However, boats still had to get to Greenport via Plum Gut so they could race in Gardiners Bay on Saturday. This two minute video was taken from a boat appropriately named ... 'Dark N' Stormy'.

The series conducted in 2008 represented the 75th anniversery of the club and featured two days of excellent racing conditions. These three minute videos are rated 'thumbs-up'!

Passion to Race Video

Not for the Faint of Heart Video - Plum Gut Passage

Spring 2008 Video

Fall 2008 Video


Club Overview

The Off Soundings Club is a yacht racing organization with a membership of approximately 500 experienced racing sailors. Most of the membership is based in Connecticut, Rhode Island, on Long Island, and elsewhere in southern New England and New York State. The club does not operate a shore facility, but concentrates on managing two high-quality weekend race series per year for its members and their invited guests. The historical records of the club are housed in the Blunt Library at Mystic Seaport Museum, which we consider to be our traditional home port.

The Off Soundings race is composed of two series, one in the spring of each year, the other in the fall. The spring series is a two day regatta featuring a race from Watch Hill, RI to Block Island on day one and around Block Island on day two. The fall series is also a two day regatta featuring a race from New London, CT to Greenport, (LI) NY on day one and in Gardiners Bay on day two.

The fleet normally consists of approximately 100 to 150 boats ranging in size from 24 to 60 feet. Boats usually race with handicaps, such as PHRF or NEMA, however, special classes, including Nonsuch, multihulls, and one-design will be considered.

Participation is limited to members and their guests. Guests need to be sponsored and seconded by members. The rationale for members sponsoring guests is that it adds an additional level of safety for all participants as conditions are frequently challenging.

More Information on Off Soundings

Club Out-Of-Office Message for Phones Lost Overboard

Ever lose your phone overboard? Here is the un-officially sanctioned voicemail message indicating to callers that it might be a while before you get back to them.

I've lost my cell phone overboard



Two private discussion groups, 'Members' and 'Board of Governors', are forums to be used for discussing current club activities. Access to the groups is restricted to members and the Board of Governors only.

A secure account managed by Google is required for access and is based on your email and a password of your choosing. You do not need a separate Google Gmail account for email, your usual email address is fine. Most members already have a secure account, but if not, create it using this link, SECURE ACCOUNT and let the Off Soundings Webmaster know that you are requesting access to the group. The process is a little tedious, but it's necessary to maintain security and privacy. Once the secure account is created and access is granted to the group you should no longer be challenged for access. Contact the Off Soundings Webmaster if you have problems accessing.

The Board of Governors welcomes and considers all comments.

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