OSC Burgee  

 2018 Series



The Off Soundings Club is pleased to continue a special award, sponsored by the Lockwood Family, which is dedicated to the younger generation.

Qualification: A prize will be awarded to the boat with the best performance, without penalty, in any class and having fifty percent (truncated to the nearest integer) of its crew age 30 or younger. This award will be given independently of any other award that the boat may be eligible for.

Example: If a boat has a total of five crew members and two are age 30 or younger, they would qualify for this award (i.e., 5 X 0.5 = 2.5, truncated = 2).

How to apply:    Submit this document to the Race Committee Chairman, no later than 1800 hours, Friday, June 8, 2018 for the spring series or Friday, September 14 for the fall series.

Boat Name: Sail Number:
Master Name: Master Email:
Names of Crew Over Age 30: Names of Crew Under Age 30: