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Last Updated: October 8, 2013

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Eileen Ames Fund


In 2010, the estate of Eileen Ames donated the funds that were used to produce the thirty minute 2012 OSC video, “Passion to Race”. Our goal is to keep the subject fund active and to replenish it so we can produce another video in the near future. In addition to your viewing enjoyment, these videos are an essential part of documenting the history of the Off Soundings fleet.

From a historical perspective, the fund was originally established to create a video at least every five years. To accomplish that, the fund would require approximately $5000 per video. However, there is an element that goes beyond that of a historical documentary. The videos also serve as a source of entertainment and enjoyment, which greatly enhance the commraderie and fellowship within the club. The most recent video, "Passion to Race" , was a huge success when presented to the membership at the annual meeting in April, 2013. Technology has also benefitted the club by allowing it to post the video to a website that enables anyone with a computer or mobile device to view it at any time, including prospective members and guests. To that end, it is also an effective marketing tool that can be used to build membership. If the fund can be replenished more frequently then the videos can be created at a more frequent rate and the club will benefit. The videos are a tremendous asset to the club and deserve to be well financed. Please make a contribution.

If you wish to donate to the Eileen Ames Fund, please proceed by clicking the button below. That will step you through the simple process of making the contribution by credit card or your Paypal account, if you have one. Your contributions will be much appreciated and will be acknowledged by the Off Soundings Board of Governors.



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